peter brooks

As a service business, everything we do is people-centric. Ultimately, our clients’ view of us is through the interactions our technicians, engineers, and service desk analysts have with you each day. Technical skills are a must, but communication skills make the difference.

Through our own efforts, and with some support and encouragement from our parent organization, Geisinger Health System, ISS Solutions is striving to become more methodical about employee engagement. Employee engagement is not about satisfaction. According to Louder than Words by Bob Kelleher, successful engagement is about creating, incentivizing, and sustaining:

• A learning culture
• Transparent and frequent communication
• The pursuit of high performance; and
• Alignment with company and individual goals.

Some engagement-related projects we’ve been working on for the last few years include conducting employee surveys and focus groups; using a secure employee-only website to collect suggestions; modifying policies to be more employee-friendly; continuing to improve technologies and processes that support and enable employees to deliver measurable quality services; continuing with a seven-year tradition of including all employees (not just managers) in a profit-based incentive program; asking employees (not just managers) what training they need; and providing opportunities for fun within the organization. It's always good to sprinkle some fun into the mix, through a summer barbeque, a day at the amusement park, or team-building contests!

Feel free to contact me directly with any accolades or or issues you have with our staff. We are a people business. I always like to hear how we are doing.


Peter Brooks
CEO, ISS Solutions (a Geisinger company)