Imaging equipment

Uncertainty and a renewed emphasis on scrutinizing budgets have led many providers to extend imaging equipment lifecycles and reexamine costly original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service contracts. With Geisinger Health System as its parent organization, ISS Solutions has a depth of experience and knowledge within the healthcare arena that is unmatched in the independent multi-vendor imaging service business. ISS Solutions is uniquely poised to offer healthcare providers the same quality of service as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) at substantially reduced costs.

Several factors are driving this increased focus on reducing imaging equipment expenses:

Financial impact—Diagnostic imaging systems let doctors peer inside the body—often detecting health problems in their earliest, most treatable, stages. Service organizations play a critical part in keeping this type of equipment up and running, and thus contributing to quality patient care and healthcare organizations’ operational success. Though it makes up less than 5% of the total number of medical devices, diagnostic imaging equipment accounts for approximately 50% of healthcare organizations’ total clinical equipment service expense. Diagnostic imaging systems are expensive to purchase and maintain. And there’s no way to skimp. Lifesaving equipment must always be in top working condition.

In-house biomedical service—The majority of in-house biomedical equipment service departments do not perform direct service on diagnostic imaging systems. This is typically outsourced to either OEMs or independent imaging service organizations. ISS Solutions has the expertise to develop customized programs to supplement and enhance in-house biomedical programs so they are not so reliant on high-cost OEMs.

OEM alternative—Of the $6 billion forecasted for 2012 U.S. diagnostic imaging services, 80% will be performed by OEMs. Yet, many healthcare organizations that maintain quality service standards reduce their costs by contracting with specialty independent service organizations such as ISS Solutions. Our diagnostic imaging service programs provide significant cost savings while keeping patient-critical equipment operating at peak performance.

To learn more about how ISS Solutions can help you reduce your diagnostic imaging service costs, please contact David Zaller, Business Development Director, at 800-752-2290 ext. 240, or