ESSROC Facility

ESSROC, a leading North American cement producer with more than 6.5 million metric tons of annual capacity, prides itself on being “more than a cement company.” Headquartered in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, ESSROC operates production facilities strategically located throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Everyday work at ESSROC includes unearthing stones in quarries, mixing stone with other materials to make cement, and creating ready-mix product for cement mixer construction vehicles. The sheer number of locations, employees, and clients within North America makes ESSROC’s Information Technology work extra-challenging.

That’s why ESSROC’s collaborative relationship with ISS Solutions is the key to keeping end-user satisfaction high. Services that ISS Solutions provides for ESSROC include “all of our laptop warranty and non-warranty support, hardware repairs, break-fix, and printer maintenance,” said Joshua Pretko, ESSROC’s Client Support Supervisor. Measurable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) include full resolution for all repair calls and ISS Solutions has consistently been able to meet these SLAs. For Mr. Pretko, “ISS Solutions’ customized solutions in the roughest parts of the cement facilities save us a tremendous amount of time.”

“Cement plants are the dirtiest places you can possibly imagine because cement is a powder that gets in everything. When I take a computer out of a plant, inside there are literally a few pounds of cement dust,” Mr. Pretko explained. “Before we set up a preventive maintenance program with ISS Solutions, our printers went down four or five times a month. Cement powder is abrasive and can destroy anything. If it gets into printer gears and becomes wet, it will turn into concrete and lock up all the printer’s mechanisms with moving parts.” Mr. Pretko believes that the ESSROC–ISS Solutions collaboration has been so successful because of how well ISS Solutions understands the special needs of IT services in difficult environments. Reflecting on the challenges of IT support within the down-and-dirty world of cement producing, he added, “This is about the worst environment you can put printers in. Yet I never wonder how we’re going to get this done, because ISS Solutions always finds a way to deliver a smooth, successful solution.”