Looking for a creative way to save the planet while saving money for your healthcare facility? By reutilizing and remarketing medical equipment, ISS Solutions has helped Geisinger Health System (Geisinger) conserve both natural resources and hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to Karen Oncay, ISS Solutions Program Manager, “The ISS Solutions-Geisinger Health System Medical Equipment Recovery Program seeks to recover inactive medical equipment and put it to good use. This program turns ‘trash into treasure’ regardless of whether the equipment ends up being reused within our health system or in another facility.” With proper coordination and planning, healthcare facilities can reuse idle medical equipment in other departments, sell equipment to dealers who will refurbish it, donate or properly dispose of items through recycling.

Geisinger Health System "Goes Green"

ISS Solutions’ Medical Equipment Recovery Program reviews all of the options before deciding to recycle medical equipment, stopping unnecessary waste and saving money. All used medical equipment is stored in a centralized inventory management system. It easily enables a health system to track medical equipment transfers for safety and to maximize the value of unused medical equipment. The savings can add up. When Geisinger decided to upgrade one of their linear accelerators, they discovered that the vendor’s removal cost for the older unit would be $10,000. Through the Medical Equipment Recovery Program, ISS Solutions sold the linear accelerator to a reputable medical equipment broker for $23,000. The net gain for this one piece of equipment was $33,000. As another example, an MRI scanner, which would have cost $9,000 to remove, was sold for $15,000. The purchasing organization was in Brazil. When it was time to transfer the equipment, staff from Brazil visited Geisinger, allowing the two organizations to form a good relationship.

The program works because there is a centralized point for hospital staff to report underutilized equipment. “Our first objective,” reports Ms. Oncay “is to transfer the equipment within the health system. Our second objective is to interface with dealers to sell the equipment.” ISS Solutions only sells medical equipment that has undergone thorough preventive maintenance from a specially trained technician and performs according to manufacturers’ specifications. In addition, ISS Solutions only works with reputable vendors, including those listed on the International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers website (www.IAMERS.org).

If you’d like to explore how ISS Solutions can help you reuse, remarket, or dispose of your medical equipment, please contact us at (800) 752-2290.