ISS Solutions has been fortunate to hire some very well-trained, focused, and professional employees who have formerly worked for the U.S. armed forces, and today, at least 14% of ISS Solutions team members served in the military or currently are in the Reserve. ISS Solutions strives to employ the best technicians in terms of both technical abilities and customer service skills. Sometimes finding people with these skills can be challenging, but many U.S. soldiers are excellent candidates.

The military provides over a year’s worth of clinical engineering training, including anatomy and physiology, electronics, and practical equipment operation. During training, each technician has ample opportunity to tear down, troubleshoot, and repair various types of medical equipment. After a military technician completes a four-year tour, he or she is trained and experienced in servicing most medical equipment.

As a group, these employees come to ISS Solutions with a focus on delivering outstanding services. ISS Solutions is committed to supporting all employees, including team members on tours of duty. When the activated employee returns from military services, ISS Solutions offers him or her a job similar to the one he or she had before. This Veterans Day, ISS Solutions highlights team members who are also veterans. Their stories show how serving in the US Armed Forces relates to their service excellence and competence in clinical engineering, IT services, and management.

Meet Wayne G., Service Supervisor, Geisinger Health System

“I want the self-satisfaction that comes with knowing I’m taking care of other people and their equipment,” says Wayne G., ISS Solutions Service Supervisor in charge of the team that fixes Geisinger Health Systems’ IT hardware. “After 20 years in the Navy, job responsibility has been engrained in me. You are not just responsible for yourself; you are responsible for equipment and you are responsible for people.

Wayne G.

Before starting his career with ISS Solutions in 2002, Wayne served for 20 years in the U.S. Navy as an Electronics Technician. His specialty was maintaining and repairing navigation equipment on board both aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. Navigation equipment keeps track of where the ship is located in the ocean by calculating latitude and longitude a hundred times per second. In addition to knowing where his own ship was located, Wayne was also responsible for the equipment that enabled planes and helicopters to return to the aircraft carrier after flying their missions. Any mistakes could be deadly.

Wayne saw action in 1986 during the U.S.-Libya conflict when Libyan surface missiles were fired at the aircraft carrier on which he was serving. Fortunately, the missiles have a range of about 250 miles and the ship was about 300 miles off the coast. Good thing the navigation equipment was maintained properly, so the people on the ship knew they were out-of-range!

That same ship also ran into some trouble in the form of a civilian oil tanker. The oil tanker’s port-side lights were not functioning. When noticed on the radar, the Navy ship tried in vain to contact the crew of the oil tanker, which was cruising in an automated mode. Wayne says, “We collided with them, the bow of our ship with the bow of their ship. We had damage to the front end of our ship. My team needed to repair our fathometer, an instrument that determines the depth of the water under the ship.” Wayne feels that while in the US Navy, he learned how to troubleshoot and approach problems, deal with people who are different from himself, and above all, to be devoted to his job, to the people he was serving, and to those with whom he was serving. On the job, Wayne uses these skills and abilities at ISS Solutions every day.

Meet Dan R., Senior Biomedical Equipment Technician

Before becoming a biomedical equipment technician for ISS Solutions, Dan R. saw the world as a Navy Sonar Technician, locating submarines, and as a Senior Enlisted Advisor. Between 1977 and 1997, his family moved 15 times to different bases in the United States, including those in San Diego, Orlando, Pearl Harbor, Charleston, Boston, Key West, and Norfolk. Dan spent 15 of his 20 years in the Navy at sea. While at sea, Dan traveled to Germany, France, Japan, South America, Australia, the Arctic Circle, Libya, Beirut, Israel, the Suez Canal, and Iraq.

Dan R.

Dan now works for ISS Solutions at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania where he maintains and repairs vital medical equipment. He said that while he learned basic electronics in the Navy as part of his training on sonar systems, he never examined a piece of medical equipment until coming to ISS Solutions 12 years ago.

But, Dan’s philosophy for fixing equipment dates back to his military days. “When things are broken on a ship, you have to make them work right or you are not going anywhere. I became dedicated to fixing equipment in a hurry and doing it right the first time.” Dan’s dedication to doing the best possible job has only increased, because of his ability to see his role in serving the patient. “When I came to ISS Solutions, I became even more dedicated to making sure I did the job right,” Dan explained. “If medical equipment is going to be used on a member of my family, I want to make sure the equipment is maintained correctly.”