Like many organizations, you may have an untapped potential for significantly reducing your total printing costs. According to information technology research company Gartner, Inc. "2-3% of a company's revenues are tied to printed document output. A proactive printer management strategy saves companies between 10-35% of their overall printing costs." Based upon this potential savings, Gartner estimates that more than 70% of businesses will be under a Managed Print Services contract by 2012.

ISS Solutions can provide your organization with a low cost and high value Print Assessment. This assessment provides an objective and personalized Printer Management Strategy document that itemizes your organizational printing costs, identifies areas for cost savings and improved productivity, provides a road map for achieving these benefits, and provides a detailed return on investment analysis. ISS Solutions and our Strategic Partner, Oki Data Americas, work together seamlessly to deliver an industry-exclusive Print Assessment with a proven methodology and industry best practices. The Print Assessment encompasses all leading printer vendor technologies and is more holistic and comprehensive than other assessment approaches.

In addition to the Print Assessment, ISS Solutions also provides a complete portfolio of Managed Print Services and is an Authorized Reseller and Service Provider for the leading printer manufacturers.

For more information regarding the Print Assessment and Managed Print Services, please contact your Account Manager.