One of ISS Solutions’ business philosophies is to deliver high quality and timely service to our client’s specifications and satisfaction. To ensure that we fulfill this promise, we have solicited feedback from customers via a quality questionnaire for the last 18 years.

For the past two years, the overall client satisfaction rating (Excellent and Good scores combined) has been 97%-98%. Seventy-five percent of clients returned the questionnaire.

Clinical Engineering

The Quality Questionnaire Program

Questionnaires are sent to clients six months after their contract effective date. There are four levels of client satisfaction ratings: Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor.

Our survey has four primary sections:

  • Inspection Services. Are inspection and maintenance services performed thoroughly and satisfactorily? When scheduled? Without interference to daily routines? Are inspection reports available?
  • Repair Services. Are ISS Solutions personnel easily contacted for repairs? Prompt to respond? Is the repair completed on the first day? Are written results of the repair available?
  • Reports. How would you grade the accuracy and effectiveness of our Service Reporting System? Are reports available and delivered in a timely manner?
  • Service Personnel. How would you rate ISS Solutions staff by job function? Make notes regarding their appearance, knowledge, responsibility, courteousness, and customer interactions.

Qualitative and Quantitative Results

We value both qualitative comments and quantitative scores. Through client comments and suggestions, we get specific feedback. Through quantitative measures, our organization can see our strengths and target any areas of concern. The quality questionnaire program is in addition to continuous monitoring of output performance measures.

We tally up the quality rating answers for surveys returned to us each month, and maintain this information in a 12-month rolling analysis. Returned surveys are routed to the Director and the appropriate District Manager for follow-up with the client. If a client has commented on particular issues or provided positive feedback, copies are forwarded the day it is received.

Being the Best at What We Do

To continue to serve you better, we need and appreciate client feedback on our survey. The Clinical Engineering team is committed to responding to your comments. The quality questionnaire process has shown improving client satisfaction over the past several years.