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  31. March. 2005
NJ IT Contract Announcement
ISS Consult
Name Change to ISS Solutions
Employee Spotlight
Joe Gianello

Joe Gianello
For Joe Gianello, the most satisfying part of his job is the appreciation of the client when the job is completed. During his tenure at ISS Solutions, Joe has furthered ISS Solutions' reputation for service excellence in the clinical engineering field. In 1983, Joe joined ISS Solutions as an Intermediate Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET). He has since advanced to the position of BMET Supervisor for Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Long Island. more»

Manny Ocampo

Manny Ocampo
Manny Ocampo is one of the great ISS Solutions IT technicians keeping client sales representatives properly equipped and productive. Manny has been an integral member of the ISS Solutions IT services team for over ten years. He joined CHMC in 1994 as an in-house Depot Technician and has since assumed the role of a dedicated Computer Technician for one of our large manufacturing customers. more»

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ISS Solutions Awarded a Computerized Kiosk Contract from the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles Commission

On March 30, 2005, ISS Solutions announced that it has been awarded a product and services contract to provide an integrated solution based on kiosk technology to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC). In collaboration with IBM Corporation, ISS Solutions designed a customized computerized kiosk using IBM countertop-based, ruggedized workstations. more»

ISS Solutions Introduces ISS Consult Program

On January 7, 2005, ISS Solutions introduced its ISS Consult program. Through the ISS Consult program, ISS Solutions Senior Consultants study a client’s Clinical Engineering or Information Technology program and make strategic recommendations for improvement. ISS Solutions has performed previous program assessments with healthcare, government, education, and commercial clients. more»

International Shared Services Announces Name Change to ISS Solutions

On January 7, 2005, officials at International Shared Services announced a name change to ISS Solutions. more»

From The CEO

ISS Solutions started strong in 2005. We are particularly proud of two achievements. First, an existing client, the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles selected ISS Solutions to deliver over $1 Million in IT products and services. Second, our client retention in the clinical engineering area continues to be as close to 100% as one could measure. ISS Solutions revitalized staff is working harder than ever to continue our tradition of service excellence.

Embedded in our new corporate identity are three words that were carefully chosen to represent how we conduct ourselves with our clients. Collaborate. Integrate. Serve. Our overall goal is to help clients solve their technology lifecycle management problems.

·         Our approach is to first collaborate with you to understand your specific business goals and technical requirements.

·          Then, we design a solution that will integrate seamlessly with your organization. Sometimes we are integrating technology, sometimes people, often both.

·         With each project, we will serve you so that you can achieve your specific goals.

Your comments are always welcome. Email or call me anytime if there is something I can do to have ISS Solutions serve you better.
Peter Brooks

Peter Brooks
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