Langhorne, PA

Langhorne, PA, July 10, 2017 - As part of our overall quality program, ISS Solutions utilizes a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to measure client loyalty and collect feedback on our services. The survey asks clients to rate how likely it is that they would recommend ISS Solutions to a friend or colleague and the reasons for their ratings. Because of our commitment to delivering outstanding services, and knowing that client referrals help us expand our business, the NPS methodology is valuable in helping us gauge not only which clients are willing to recommend us and why, but also what actions we need to take to improve the client experience. We are rightfully proud of our track record but always strive for further improvement.

For four years in a row, ISS Solutions has achieved a best-in-class or better net promoter score, an industry measure of client

ISS Solutions’ goal is to always beat the 32% national NPS benchmark for technology companies and to aim for best-in-class with a score of 68% or higher. The methodology divides clients into three categories: promoters, passives, and detractors. The NPS is the percent of promoters minus detractors, and scores can range from -100% to +100%. Our overall NPS has increased from an above-average rating of 47% in 2010 to a best-in-class range of 68% to 76% since 2014.

While the metrics we track and our scores are interesting, the most value comes from the detailed feedback we receive as part of the NPS survey. We ask clients for the reasons behind their ratings, and most people provide detailed comments on what causes them to rate us as they do. These responses are reviewed in detail by ISS Solutions executives, managers, and team members. From these comments, we learn about both our successes and our opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to continually improve our clients’ experiences to the point of their absolute delight.

ISS Solutions’ 2017 NPS survey was sent to over 1,500 individuals, with a response rate of 31%. The survey identified some client-specific actions we can take to improve. It also helped us recognize that even areas of strength can also be improved, no matter how highly we are rated – communications and customer support. An overwhelming majority of clients praised the ISS Solutions team on communications and our dedication to supporting clients, but some clients pointed out specific areas where we can do better.

Part of our overall approach to quality is to learn from our strengths and weaknesses. We are a people business; employees are our strongest asset. We will continue to invest in both technical and communications training for our team members so that we can better serve our clients. We are also committed to implementing advanced technologies, tools and methods that help us automate, track, manage and improve our service businesses. Thank you to those clients who participated in our 2017 NPS survey. Your feedback is appreciated and valuable to us.