In her role as Sodexo Help Desk Supervisor, Geri S. leads a hardworking team that provides technical assistance to thousands of Sodexo employees. Whether it’s dealing with a closed account or assisting with a software application failure, they work through the issue with the customer, assuring them that the help desk will assist them in solving their dilemma.

geri s“When you’re supervising a team of any number of people, you’re part psychologist, part disciplinarian, part mom. You take on all these roles,” explained Geri. “You have to be equally passionate about those working for you as you are about the work you are doing together.” 

“She’s very dedicated and passionate. Geri is 100% committed to the account and is ISS Solutions’ direct contact for Sodexo,” said Eric C., ISS Solutions’ IT Services Project Manager. “I know that their comfort level with her is one of the reasons why we have had the Sodexo account for 18 years.” 

In addition to supporting Sodexo and its customers, Geri is required to multitask. There are times when she participates in conference calls, verifies information in messages, and fields in-person inquiries simultaneously. 

“That can be challenging at times, but I’ve always enjoyed working with people,” said Geri. “The underlying motivation for me is that our help desk supports a company that provides services to businesses, groups, and organizations that aid the public.” 

Geri originally joined ISS Solutions back in 1998 as a Call Center Representative. She attended Delaware Tech and Community College, studying criminal justice/sub-juvenile counseling, and is A+ and HDI Lead Analyst certified. When Geri is out of the office, she enjoys antiquing, attending yard sales and flea markets, and seeing her grandchildren.