With competition as intense as ever, your ability to resolve internal technical issues and answer client inquiries may be your most powerful competitive advantage. ISS Solutions Service Desk services promote the effective exchange of information. This empowers clients, resolves issues, maintains productivity, and reduces overall costs.

Providing clients and employees with professional, efficient support is one of the best ways to win client loyalty and keep employees productive.

Customized Support Solutions

Whether you require information-based support, technical support, or a combination of both, ISS Solutions customizes Contact Center services to meet your distinct needs. ISS Solutions contact center resources include a highly customizable, proprietary tool set with extensive reporting capabilities, a team of highly skilled and professionally trained analysts, and a commitment to service excellence.

Contact Center services are available 24x7, at your facility or at ISS Solutions. You set performance levels and monitor call center activity through a web-based interface tool in accordance with a customized service level agreement. ISS Solutions will deploy our own best practice policies or incorporate yours into our processes.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with the web. This offers clients an alternative to telephones and gives managers real-time access to contact center data and reporting.

Core Competencies

  • Support for customized and shrink wrapped applications
  • Desktop, network, and infrastructure support
  • Desk-side call avoidance
  • Web-enabled services
  • Sales force automation
  • IT and non-IT support capabilities
  • Reporting

Example Services

Technical Support. The speed at which technology evolves causes problems for novice and power users alike. ISS Solutions helps everyone by providing technical support for both proprietary and shrink-wrapped software and hardware. ISS Solutions analysts have technical certifications in current IT technologies, including A+ and MCSE.

Technology-Based Support for Sales Force Automation (SFA). Sales force productivity is a top priority for most clients, and many are beginning to automate sales activities. By combining our technical help desk support with ISS Solutions’ Infrastructure Support practice, ISS Solutions provides a complete SFA solution that includes help desk, depot repair, hot spares, and technology rollouts.

Information-Based Support. Organizations across all industries are struggling with how to best share and distribute a deluge of information to employees and clients. ISS Solutions information-based contact centers provide answers to client and employee inquiries quickly and easily.

Client Service. Satisfying clients is not necessarily the absence of problems, but rather the effective and timely resolution of problems that inevitably occur. ISS Solutions provides quality client service to ensure clients' expectations and needs are met to their satisfaction.