Now more than ever, businesses must address the security risks associated with information technologies and e-business. Thousands of new vulnerabilities are being discovered annually, hundreds of new patches are being released monthly, and thousands of systems are already behind in security updates. Additionally, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of information has become a paramount issue for many organizations.

With attack tools that are getting more user friendly and more automated, the average hacker does not need to have in-depth knowledge of computer systems as in the past. These attack tools are readily available on the Internet and anyone can easily download and execute an attack. 

ISS Solutions offers a layered offering of products and services. Engaged together, they comprise a comprehensive information security program. In-depth defenses require that an attacker compromise several layers of network security before they are able to obtain access to sensitive data.

ISS Solutions deploys security best business practices to develop, implement, and support client security programs. Our security engineers examine client information systems for vulnerabilities that, if exploited by an attacker, could result in unauthorized access or compromise of information. ISS Solutions uses a combination of open source and proprietary tools, review of computing policies, and interviews of key IT personnel to determine the current security posture of a company’s network and develop a remediation plan. 

ISS Solutions fulfills client needs by addressing a range of business issues from risk or vulnerability assessments to security architecture, policies, procedures, training, and managed services. By integrating the security of the organization with the business drivers and technical environment, ISS Solutions implements successful security initiatives.